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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

'A 40-Year-Old Story and We’re Being Told to Take It on Faith'

In an appearance Friday on HLN, Huntsville, AL radio talk show host Dale Jackson argued there was reason for Alabamians to be skeptical of a report in The Washington Post last week that accused former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore engaged in inappropriate conduct with four teenage girls decades ago.

According to Jackson, the timing of the report, which a month within the special election and the apparent disdain some in the northeastern corridor have for those in Alabama create cause for voters not to trust the report.



Anonymous said...

meanwhile, "Senator" Menendez laughs all the way to the next underage brothel

Anonymous said...

I have no horse in this race,but something doesn't feel right.What is at work here? Is it some form of mind control? And where are all the skeptics when they're needed? Rational people should immediately see the improbability of the claims.And last but not least,why are the females involved being strongly advised not to take a polygraph to back up their accusations?