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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Navy Rolls Out New Working Uniform Early to Sailors in Southeast

For sailors eager to swap their infamous "blueberries" camouflage with the new forest-green working uniform, the wait is officially over.

The Navy Exchange Service Command announced this week that the Navy Working Uniform Type III, soon to become the standard shore work uniform for all sailors, went on sale at exchanges within Navy Region Southeast on Monday.

The region, which stretches as far west as Texas and includes Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, had been scheduled to receive the new uniforms in January, Courtney Carrow, a spokeswoman for NEXCOM, told

"A lot of the sailors are highly anticipating the change and really excited, so we're trying to do what they're looking for and what they're asking for," she said.



Anonymous said...

The new uniform has a "Drop Seat" in the back for easy access for the "Rear Admiral".

Anonymous said...

Navy is a great place for Jake to go, he likes those words like, "Seaman, Poop Deck, go down below, Rear Admiral, Fantail".

Anonymous said...

My son recently said that nobody liked the blue "digies", and that they were that color so that you couldn't be found if you fell overboard.