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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Burned up and priced out: Santa Rosa fire evacuees fear they can't afford to return

SANTA ROSA, Calif. - For Sharon Ditmore, the signs of the holidays showing up in this city devastated by fire are both comforting and depressing.

Ditmore lost her home in the working-class neighborhood of Coffey Park and has been living in a friend's guesthouse. She can't help but think back to the Thanksgiving gatherings she enjoyed with family members in the home she and her husband had rented for nearly 30 years.

But in the future, she and the thousands of others who lost homes see nothing but uncertainty. With rents surging as high as $13,000 a month in the aftermath of a fire that destroyed 3,000 Santa Rosa homes, they are not sure they will be able to afford to stay in the increasingly expensive wine country city.



Anonymous said...

Cheap places in Portia Rico.

Anonymous said...

$13,000 a month---that is
greed at it's worst !!

Anonymous said...

What burns me up is that the insurance companies are actually paying these amounts and they have been doing it for past disasters. And yes as long as people can get this amount for a house and the insurance companies will pay it this will continue and everybody's insurance rates will keep going up to cover it.