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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

That other plot – to bring down Trump

Pat Buchanan: 'The real indictment here is of the American political system'

Well over a year after the FBI began investigating “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Vladimir Putin, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has brought in his first major indictment.

Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has been charged with a series of crimes dating back years, though none is tied directly to President Donald Trump or 2016.

With a leak to CNN that indictments were coming, Mueller’s office stole the weekend headlines. This blanketed the explosive news on a separate front, as the dots began to be connected on a bipartisan plot to bring down Trump that began two years ago.

And like “Murder of the Orient Express,” it seems almost everyone on the train had a hand in the plot.

The narrative begins in October 2015.



Anonymous said...

If they want a civil race War BRING IT.

Anonymous said...

Lock them all up. Enough is enough if the FBI is to weak to do it then do away with them and create a new department that can. We the people deserve better.