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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Changes to Fishing Regulations

The information provided on this webpage is a summary of regulatory ideas and proposals that are being considered by the department. The purpose of posting this text is to make the public aware of the issues and to elicit public feedback on these ideas. Comments on the ideas presented provide the department with invaluable information and perspectives that may be incorporated into content or editorial changes. We appreciate your time and your commitment to Maryland's natural resources. The graphic within each topic will help you follow the change through the regulatory process. Learn our terminology.



lmclain said...

The bottom line IS the bottom line.
Not serving the people but tightening the noose.
Fees. Surcharges. More things we need to get their PERMISSION to do.
They have forgotten their place.
Each year they look around and say "what have we failed to tax? What do the people like to do that we could make them PAY US to do? What area have we not injected ourselves into, not to HELP citizens, but to have MORE reasons to bother, harass, and fine (of course)?
Generate that revenue boys.
While you can.

Anonymous said...

6:35 so true

Anonymous said...

Joe the link doesn't work but I found the info. Interesting how not all topics are open to public comment when they all should be. Another that is missing and should be included is Atlantic Croaker. For the past 5 years commercial fisherman have covered the area at the bay tunnel with nets. Trawlers as far as the eye can see when they are migrating. Croaker have not been in the bay for years because of it but not a peep from anyone who cares. Lots of people don't care for them but commercial guys love the money they can make off the white fish for very little effort. I've fished more than most would this season recreationally and have caught none over 9".

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the DNR stuff, Joe. It's interesting and before this I had no idea that the public had any way to comment to them.

Anonymous said...

Dead on 6:35

Anonymous said...

Between adding regulations and game wardens running radar in Powellville, DNR is stretching the mission to justify their existence.

Anonymous said...

7:04 you really get a taste of how little right you have dealing with DNR. They have more power than state police.