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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Maryland To Try Sending Recall Notices With Car Registration Renewals

Your state’s department of motor vehicles already knows what make and model of car you own, and sends you registration documents every few years that you have to open. Safety advocates have suggested including information about important vehicle recalls in vehicle registrations to make sure more people know about recalls and comply. In an experimental program, Maryland will start sending these notices to vehicle owners. 


Anonymous said...

I check my car every year or so to see if there are any recalls. And since i buy my cars used its the first thing indo before finalizing the sale.

Anonymous said...

Maryland govt workers must have a lot of free time always sending notices of every kind every week my business gets at least 1 a week.

Anonymous said...

just another excuse to raise renewal cost. They think we are stupid and think they are doing us a favor.