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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Time to Admit It: CNN's Jake Tapper Is Failing

While those of us who once admired CNN’s Jake Tapper as a rarity in the mainstream media — an honest and objective journalist, have been shocked by his transformation into a dishonest, sanctimonious, left-wing virtue-signaler, we assumed his lying and peacocking was in pursuit of the applause and fame he so transparently craves.

His laughably bad ratings, though, appear to show that like most people who sell their soul, Tapper was tricked by the Devil.

To be fair to Tapper, CNN’s transition into a hard-left social justice network, something Breitbart News was the first to document and warn about nearly five years ago, has dragged the entire network down, from second place behind Fox News, into last place behind MSNBC.

Reputation-wise, CNN is now a laughingstock, an embattled fake news factory rocked by endless scandals in its desperate pursuit of President Trump, and the hideous cause of further-empowering the federal government.



Anonymous said...

The video at the end tells the story in 15 seconds.

Anonymous said...

Those of us who are not a part of the MSM have zero idea how difficult it is to go against the momentum of their network.The staff would have to unanimously rise against the management if they planned to reverse that mentality,and that won't happen because of a conflict of interest at CNN.CNN would terminate the whole bunch if they dared to challenge their authority.

Anonymous said...

Tapped out.

lmclain said...

The sky is not green, no matter how much they say it, stand by it, repeat it, bring in "witnesses", or devote 2 hours to covering the green sky.
They can't stand the idea that the devil's mistress is not the President and their invites to the White House dried up overnight.
They can't stand the fact that their ideas and philosophies have been utterly shamed and discredited.
They, however, continue to tell us the sky is green.