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Wednesday, November 01, 2017


Governor Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr. has recently reappointed the Honorable Kathleen L. Beckstead to serve as Associate Judge of the Circuit Court for Wicomico County. The Governor’s reappointment follows her earlier appointment to the bench in 2000. She was subsequently elected by the citizens of Wicomico County in 2002 to serve a 15 year term that was set to expire this year.

On October 28, 2017, Circuit Court Clerk Mark S. Bowen presided over a private ceremony wherein Judge Beckstead took the oath of her office and received a new commission from the Governor. Judge Beckstead and the Honorable Matthew “Matt” A. Maciarello must now run in a retention election in 2018. Judges Beckstead and Maciarello are supporting each other, running as a judicial slate to retain their positions on the Circuit Court and their names will appear on both party ballots in the 2018 primary.

Judge Kathleen L. Beckstead is currently the Chief Judge of the 1stJudicial Circuit.

Pictured below: Mark S. Bowen, Clerk of Court administers the oath of office at a swearing-in ceremony held October 28, 2017. Also pictured are Richard D. Beckstead, Matthew A. Maciarello and Kathleen L. Beckstead.


Anonymous said...

Both good picks and deserving of the positions.

Anonymous said...

She's an honest and fair judge. Glad to keep her on.

Anonymous said...

I thought Brett Wilson is the 1st Judicial Administrative judge. When did Beckstead get elevated?

Anonymous said...

"Chief Judge" simply refers to the judge in the circuit with most years of service. Brett Wilson was appointed to be the Administrative Judge of the First Judicial Circuit by Chief Judge Barbera of the Maryland Court of Appeals and he remains in that position.

Anonymous said...

Judge Beckstead is the most fairest judge you ever run across