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Friday, October 20, 2017

Rental Situation Needs Monitoring

The topic of short-term rentals being restricted in certain Ocean City neighborhoods resurfaced this week during a discussion of an update to the town’s comprehensive plan.

In the proposed update, which had a hearing before the Ocean City Planning Commission this week and will soon be reviewed by the Mayor and Council, there is a section about objectives in regard to land use. One such goal stated is to, “identify single family areas with a high percentage of resident owners who may support the proposed R-1A district with limitations on short term seasonal rental use.”

That mention resulted in the Coastal Association of Realtors sending a letter to the Mayor and Council asking them to remove it from the update and instead allow the current process of education and licensing to continue as it’s been successful. For a variety of reasons outlined in its letter, CAR is requesting, “that R-1A and any other references to rental restrictions be removed from the Comprehensive Plan. We understand that this is only a planning document, but inclusion of this language opens the door to legislation that would essentially erase short-term rentals from single family neighborhoods.”



Anonymous said...

The exact policy that applied when crime was at it's lowest rate ever in OC should be returned to.Politicians seem to think that everything has to be adjusted to the current day and age.If the good old OC days policies of the 60's were reinstated everything else would adjust to it or leave.Set the bar and give patrons and residents the ultimatum of either dealing with it or finding another place to vacation or live.

Anonymous said...

Times have changed Daddio. The internet and mobile connectivity have changed the way people shop, eat, live, vacation, travel, and date. Don't fret, sounds like you might not be around too much longer to complain about it.