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Monday, October 02, 2017

NFL's Week 4 sees dozens of players kneel, sit, raise fists during national anthem

Dozens of NFL players took a knee during the national anthem as others sat or raised their fists before the games of Week 4 Sunday, a day after President Trump tweeted that it that it was "very important” for players to stand.

Still, the number of kneeling players was down from last weekend, when more than 200 athletes took a knee after Trump lashed out at athletes who protest during the national anthem.

Among the players who kneeled Sunday: half of the San Francisco 49ers. The team released a video of the athletes with the caption: "Together." Their opponents, the Arizona Cardinals, stood.



Anonymous said...

So much for football
gone are those days
gone are any products that support them

Anonymous said...

Sorry NFL, your needed display for attention is noted but now real LIFE events are taking place across the globe - to include right in our back yard that requires real attention.

Keep playing your "game", which for the majority of us is a break from real life events. Make it political again, well less will continue NOT to watch which eventually hits you in the pocket.

That's called Economics 101 and if you would have stayed in college and received your education - you would know that AND never EVER bit the hand that feeds you!

Anonymous said...

If viewers leave then advertisers will stop paying for ad time which is what funds the NFL and their bloated pay checks. Boycott any who advertises with the No Fun League and you will see this racism disappear.

Anonymous said...

Is it easier to raise a fist when it's full of cash?

Anonymous said...

The NFL needs to take a stand and do it now. The NFL can not be on both sides of this issue.

Anonymous said...

it will be interesting how the NFL and players address the terrible tragedy in Vegas? Bow their heads in silence? Fly the flag at half mask? A moment of prater? Or just taking a knee in a self serving display of hatred.