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Monday, October 02, 2017

Chuck Schumer blasts GOP for not including Democrats in tax reform negotiations

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer argued Republican-led efforts on tax reform would only benefit the wealthiest Americans and would exclude Democrats from the bargaining table.

"We Democrats sent a letter to the Republican leadership and the president, said that here were three things that we thought tax reform ought to have," Schumer began while speaking on CBS' "Face the Nation."

"One, tax breaks ought not to go to the top 1 percent, but ought to be focused on the middle class; two, ought not blow a hole in the deficit; three, ought to be done in bipartisan way not through reconciliation. Unfortunately, the Republican plan doesn't agree with any of those."

Earlier in the day, White House Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney said anyone who attempts to describe the full outcomes of tax reform "is lying to you" because so many of the details have yet to be hammered out or negotiated.

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Anonymous said...

Why should he? They have not worked with him anything so far. Cry babies. (map)

Anonymous said...

Oh Chuckie, since when have you and the democrats worried about the deficit?

Anonymous said...

Just another example of this Dumbo crying because he will not be able to bankrupt the US again. He never wants a balanced budget. Besides when did the Dumbos ever work with the Republicans? The few Republicans that voted with them when they were in power was the rogue chameleons that always give the appearance of planted / disguised Dumbos. Just more crocodile tears coming from the "jackass" party.

Anonymous said...

Again, they had 8 years to fix it and didn't do a thing except shovel more money into pork, money that didn't even exist.

Anonymous said...

Chuck your a lying hypocrite

Anonymous said...

And where were the Republicans for input into 'Obamacare'?