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Monday, October 02, 2017

Clinton Never Returned Donations From Owner of Site Linked to Underage Prostitution

Democratic politicians who received funds from's owners have been donating the money to charity

Hillary Clinton's campaign appears not to have returned or donated to charity the more than $5,000 in contributions from the former co-owner of a website linked to underage prostitution and whose donations have backed a number of current and former Democratic politicians into a corner.

Controversy surrounding donations from the owners of, an online classified website that has come under fire from politicians including Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.), has forced a number of politicians—particularly in the state of Arizona—to return or donate the tainted contributions.

Jim Larkin, a former co-owner of Backpage, gave a $5,400 contribution on July 26, 2016, to the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising effort between the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and more than 30 state Democratic parties. The money was then transferred to Hillary for America, Clinton's campaign committee.

The campaign appears to have not returned the money to Larkin, a search of Federal Election Commission records shows.



Anonymous said...

Of course they didn't return the money. Democrats promote sexual promiscuity of minors.

Anonymous said...

This was Bills favorite site!

Anonymous said...

Every day I thank the stars above that Hillary's finger isn't on the button.

Anonymous said...

This is where Bill gets his dates, and Anthony Wiener sends them pictures.

Anonymous said...

I would expect nothing less from that crowd. Fat failure would be right in the prostitution ring when younger, but couldn't make the cut. They do have some standards.