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Monday, October 02, 2017

Mayor Of San Juan Says She Doesn’t Have Time For Distractions…During ANOTHER Pointless TV Interview

The more I read about the Mayor of San Juan, the more I dislike her.

She’s been going back and forth with President Trump. She’s accused him of failing the Puerto Rican people, and Trump has accused her of acting like a politically motivated ingrate.

You may not like the tone of Trump’s tweets, but after listening to this cop give the REAL down low on what’s going on (she claims Carmen Yulin Cruz isn’t allowing people to distribute aid for politically motivated reasons), I agree with Trump even more.

Let that simmer.

Listen though. Carmen DOES NOT have time for any more distractions (except for endless TV interviews, of course).



Anonymous said...

Cruz honey, get off the tv and get with FEMA! If not, this will turn on YOU and YOU will be without a job!

Anonymous said...

She is really milking the "let no crisis go to waste" democrat mantra!!