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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Two American tourists suffer acid attack in Marseille

A woman with 'deep psychological problems' was in custody in the French city of Marseille on Sunday after spraying four American students with acid and burning two in the face.

The attack took place shortly after 11am on Sunday at the St Charles station, where the four women were preparing to board a train.

All were Boston College juniors in their early 20s – three of them on a study abroad program in the French capital, and the fourth based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

They were named by their university as Courtney Siverling, Charlotte Kaufman, Michelle Krug and Kelsey Kosten.



Anonymous said...

Blame it on deep psych problems. Try to garner sympathy for a beast. Refuse to release the perp's name. Probably Fatima Isralah...

Anonymous said...

From the moment I heard about this attack I felt certain that it was a Muslim who was somehow offend by these 4 girls (probably because of how they were dressed). The MSM's refusal to release so much as a name has only confirmed my opinion. The good news is that this means there is a cure for her mental illness, Christ!