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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


(ESPN) - Tiger Woods may forever be known as the world's best golfer, but recently he is becoming more and more infamous with the controversy that surrounds him. After the new #1 golfer Jordan Speith took home his third major at only 23 years old, instead of a congratulations Tiger Woods made headlines with his unruly comments. "Jordan isn't on the same playing field as us, don't get me wrong he's playing great golf, but he isn't doing it without help. There is no way his body can hit the ball like that normally, he's half my size."

Tiger was alluding to the notion that Jordan is too powerful for his size, but Jordan has been on a regimen lately that has help him put on 12 lbs of muscle in 8 weeks while cutting away some of his baby fat. Jordan commented to squash the controversy, "I will always respect Tiger for how he's changed the game, I've modeled my game and ruthlessness after him. But to say that I am a cheater is just crazy. Yes, I have been able to put on some muscle lately, and I will give that credit to my trainer and the great, legal products he has put me on. I've never seen my body change like this and I can see why he would think I am cheating the system." Jordan has been on a tear since starting his new program, he's got two straight victories including one major.



Anonymous said...

The accuser's testosterone levels, buoyed by his many dalliances during his married career, could also have contributed to his success, but that's natural, right?

Anonymous said...

Scam. Almost exact same article with just Tiger Woods a couple years ago. But then it was promoting Extreme Fit 360. My guess is company goes under every couple years and reopens under new name.

Anonymous said...

Tiger Woods is a has been, it time for him to shut up and go away.

Anonymous said...

He's no Arnold Palmer.

Anonymous said...

Tigers wife should have hit him harder!!

Anonymous said...

Tiger Woods is very much a has been. Jealous he can't get out there and compete now so he runs his stupid mouth. Go take some more pills Tiger and then go to sleep.