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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Defends Trump, Slams Leftists, Ungrateful Immigrants

And that’s probably why you’re only just now hearing about it

The following interview didn’t receive much fanare in the mainstream media, and it’s no wonder why.

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. gave a lengthy interview Monday to Hollywood Unlocked. While much of what Mayweather spoke about concerned boxing, he also took time to share his views on President Trump — namely that people have judged him unfairly.

A portion of the interview is featured above (warning: strong language) and the The Daily Wire summarized other pertinent parts of the boxer’s interview:



Anonymous said...

Mayweather has more domestic assault calls to his house than we can count on two hands. 3 of which he has pleaded guilty to. Hardly a good source on what a "real man" is. Phenomenal boxer, perhaps the greatest of all time, but a very poor character witness for something like this. Just my .02

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad the Conor fight is behind us so we don't have to watch any more press conferences.

Anonymous said...

remove emotions. The Democratic Party is unrecognizable at this point.