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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Salisbury MSP Press Release 9-19-17 (Robbery In Mardela Springs)


Anonymous said...

Unless he showed them ID, how do we know he's American? Let alone, how do we know his ancestry is African? Perhaps he's creole descent (like Haitian), or island decent (like dominican), or asian/negritos.

Seems pretty silly to ASSUME he's "African-American"!

Anonymous said...

That's just a starting point 8:58.Many times perps are assumed to be white & turn out not to be.Police must first begin with a "best guess" to get the ball rolling.

Anonymous said...

Where is the camera footage ? Oppps there ain't any ..Dollar general has a history of being robbed and they do NOTHING about it that's a known fact ask any manager .

Anonymous said...

They do have cameras but you are correct they do not report all shoplifting.

Anonymous said...

It's so confusing.

Obama had Kenyan father and white mom so he was black. Ben Jealous has white father and black mother and he's black. Need a scorecard to keep up.

So back to the robber. How do we know?

Anonymous said...

crook didn't get much, especially from Mardela. Piss poor town