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Saturday, September 30, 2017

NFL players' protests risk stadium funding

Taxpayer costs are always controversial, but issue has been elevated by demonstrations

American taxpayers shelled out billions of dollars to build the stadiums that National Football League players are now using to stage their kneel-down protests of the national anthem.

The players say they have a right to express their displeasure with racism in the U.S. with their protests, but lawmakers say the NFL could be risking its access to the public trough if the team owners don’t get a grip on the situation.

“These protests are spitting in the face of the people who paid for that stadium,” said state Rep. Steve Drazkowski, a Republican in Minnesota, where the NFL’s Vikings team just opened a stadium built with more than $500 million in local and state financial assistance. “It will create buyer’s remorse among the taxpayers.”

With figures adjusted for inflation, Minnesotans will pay out nearly $1.3 billion over the next 30 years for the stadium.

It’s one part of the more than $6.7 billion in public funds taxpayers have shelled out to build 19 NFL stadiums and renovate three others since 1997.



Anonymous said...

It's okay, they won't be needing any more funding or stadiums, since the NFL is done being anything but an idiot show; and a "fixed" one at that. Maybe soccer will be able to use the abandoned stadiums.

Anonymous said...

Of course John and Sally taxpayer are getting the shaft. I really hope the NFL takes a serious hit from all of this. I will not be watching or supporting the NFL. As a clear headed person I can't allow my money to go towards those crybabies.

Anonymous said...

Every time a proposal for a publicly funded stadium comes up, local and state legislators and executives say, "Ooooh, think of the economic impact! Millions and millions will be generated by the stadium and the teams playing there!"

Yes, there is economic impact. But the negative economic impact to the taxpayers is never held against the tax profits. Stadium building is expensive. So is daily and annual maintenance. In the end, it's not clear how much the economic impact is to the city or state whose taxpayers built and maintain the structure.

What is clear is that no matter who owns the stadium, the direct and peripheral revenue generated by the presence of the team(s) and stadium (hotel, restaurant, fuel, entertainment, etc.) is generated and taxed.

Wouldn't it be better to move the whole thing to the private sector? Let the team owners or other interested entity do the building and maintaining of these behemoths.
Give them tax breaks for the property, if it has to be, but leave taxpayer dollars out of it.

If a team decides to leave, the city or state isn't left holding the bag for the empty stadium. The whole thing (professional sports) is a for-profit undertaking. Let them take on not just the teams, but where the teams play.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of having to work 2 jobs to support blacks

Anonymous said...

NHL is my new sport. Already looking at Jerseys. GO RANGERS

Anonymous said...

12:15 I'm tired of supporting an unaccountable welfare system!!! what was designed as a safety-net not as a way of life. Fostering and financing the destruction of the black and other wefare dependent famlies is what we have reaped. as as for the stadiums why should we fund Mega Million for-profit businesses. that appear to spit in the face of American values. If we fund them are they not considered a public institutions?? At the very least we are majority shareholders

Anonymous said...

They do the same thing on the local level. How about the sports complex they want to build in Georgetown, DE. The taxpayers will have to come up with only about 1.5 million to fund their part. Someone else is picking up the rest of the bill. My problem with that is that not 3 months ago they couldn't balance the budget and end up raising the taxes on smokers, drinkers, and I'm sure any other vice they could tack some extra cost on. They also cut some funding to some programs. The point is they DID NOT have enough money. So why 3 months later would you consider spending 1.5 million of money you don't have to fund a sports complex.

But as to the NFL, I agree. They have pissed off the general public with this protest on the field during the National Anthem. And when they rely on such huge amounts of money coming from the genera public that really is not a good thing to do.

Anonymous said...

What are the chances of the government paying for the building if I want to open a pizza parlor, restaurant or barber shop?

Anonymous said...

The problem lies with the players, coaches and management who allow such crap to occur. If they were paying for the stadiums, they'd act a lot more responsibly.

Anonymous said...

12:59 these local sports complexes are for amateurs not a bunch of million dollar a season welfare recipients. Make the Leagues reimburse the tax payer before next season, at the end of the Super Bowl. These protest should be enforced by the league as written. Every player not abiding by the league rule on the National Anthem should be fined that days pay and given to the Federal Treasure to repay the tax payer. This includes the coaches and the owner. Then double the fines until this non-sense ceases. If that does not work then they get a seasonal suspension from the league with no pay.
As for as local fields are concerned, every one that enters a sports complex must stand or be ejected or triple the fees for the teams to play there. Also start charging at the entrance a fee and a fee for parking making it no longer a family night out.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Check out Wal-Mart on the first of each month. Receipents (mostly black ) use gov credit cards for food etc. That afternoon they are returning TP soda etc and getting cash to be used for other things (drugs?) Manicures hairstyles and their kids go hungry. I understand why you are tired of it I am too.

Anonymous said...

Ask the San Diego..oops I mean LA Chargers how their move OUT of San Diego (because their owner wants a brand new stadium paid by taxpayers) is doing. They can't fill a 27,000 soccer stadium they are temporarily in until the new LA stadium is built in 2 years. A new LA stadium to be "shared" with the LA RAMS (who moved from St. Louis...because the owner wanted a brand new stadium paid by taxpayers).

Rumor has it, the Chargers will not move to the new LA stadium and will crawl back to San Diego and ask forgiveness from the fans...and go back to the old stadium.

The very very rich are very very STUPID!