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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Maryland's 2016-2017 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

Maryland's Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) is a developmentally appropriate assessment tool administered to kindergarteners in the fall of each year that measures school readiness across four domains. Readiness levels are reported statewide and for each of Maryland's 24 jurisdictions.

Maryland's 2016-2017 KRA Data Show:

  • 43% of Maryland’s children entered kindergarten classrooms demonstrating the foundational knowledge, skills behaviors needed to fully participate in the kindergarten curriculum.
  • A significant number of Maryland's children (19%) display minimal foundational skills and behaviors and require substantial assistance and differentiated instruction, as well as targeted supports or interventions to be successful in kindergarten.
  • 12 of Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions meet or exceed the statewide average. 
  • A higher precentage of female kindergarteners (50%) demonstrate kindergarten readiness than males (36%).
  • More than half of Asian kindergarteners (50%), kindergarteners reporting two or more races (50%), and white kindergarteners (53%) demonstrate readiness.  African American children (37% demonstrate readiness) are within 6 points of the statewide average.
  • A lower percentage of Hispanic children demonstrate kindergarten readiness (27%) and achievement gaps exist in language & literacy (an 18-point gap) and mathematics (a 17-point gap). 
  • Maryland’s kindergarteners demonstrate readiness in four key domains: Language & Literacy (40%), Mathematics (38%), Social Foundations (53%), and Physical Well-being & Motor Development (55%).
  • Children from low-income families (32% demonstrate readiness), those learning the English language (21%), or those who have a disability (19%) exhibit lower readiness levels than Maryland kindergarteners as a whole.
  • 40% of children enrolled in public PreK programs the year prior to starting school demonstrate the foundational skills and behaviors essential for kindergarten success and are within 1 point of the statewide average.
EDITORS NOTE: Wicomico County and Washington County tied for second to last place.  Dorchester County is ranked in last place.


Anonymous said...

When I read the "findings" they were all "duh" moments. Can't imagine why Hispanic kids have problems with literacy (sarc)!

Anonymous said...

Stats I read said most African-American children test way below national averages for regular white kids. Says without Head Start programs it would be even worse!
Goes directly to what kind of home life do these kids have. No father in home, mom hooked on drugs, turning tricks for drug money, older sibs selling dope, doing crimes, belonging to gangs.
Total communities of this kind of living and life values. Yup, great job done after the freeing of the slaves. Now days slaves to the government handout system.

Anonymous said...

Truly a sad state of affairs in education/indoctrination...
Our government/public schools will not help this problem only exacerbate the situation...

Anonymous said...

This is what the progressives want. they have succeeded

Anonymous said...

60% on the free meal program

Anonymous said...

With WorWic Tech offering free tuition to its programs, is there a requirement for basic reading and math skills, or is this just a dream that certain local liberals have?