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Monday, August 28, 2017

Why Is Congress Not Investigating Obama’s Unprecedented Political Espionage?

An award-winning national security correspondent for CIRCA News believes Congress needs to launch an investigation into Obama-era unmasking and warrantless surveillance of Americans, according to an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Sara A. Carter, of the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, has been an overseas war correspondent for the bulk of her professional life and grew up in the Middle East.

She was one of the first reporters to reveal Obama administration political espionage, and unprecedented unmasking and surveillance of Americans by using the national security apparatus. The Obama administration loosened the privacy protections for innocent Americans in 2011 – including accessing information from priests, attorney/client relationships, and doctors, she said.

The administration scoured Americans’ private conversations “at an exponential rate,” she said. From 2011 to January 2017, the unmasking increased over 300 percent. She also revealed the Obama administration was accessing emails at a rate of one out of every 20 Americans, an incredible 5 percent of citizens.



lmclain said...

She is lying and you can guess why.

EVERY e-mail, EVERY phone call, and EVERY text has been recorded verbatim by our "leaders" for at least 4 years. With the photographs, bank surveillance of your accounts, and all mail (EVERY piece) being photographed front and back
and filed forever, and your tag and EZ-Pass being photographed EVERY time you travel, "we, the people" are like zoo animals.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Obama did THIS!!!!!??

Anonymous said...

Congress can't find its arse with both hands and certainly can't work with the POTUS on passing bills.

What makes you think they have the wherewithal to mull over the past, and what good would it do, except to wast time that could be used to get our jobs back.


Anonymous said...

Demon-crats Never Held Accountable , It's always Trump's
Fault !!!!!!!

The Only Russia Connection is Hillary Clinton (Uranium !!)

Anonymous said...

Obama could Shoot Trump on camera and Nothing would happen !
Same for Hillary..........she could too !!!! All know it

Anonymous said...

Hillary did All undercover and illegal mess in the election
and thought she had it in the bag on election night, so did
Obama ............they got a Big Surprise ....they LOST !!!

They thought the FIX was in...........Not Enough !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congress works for the same people that Barry worked for.
And they are the same people the Donald works for.
And Wolf Blitzer.
So on.