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Monday, August 28, 2017

Are Central Banks Nationalizing The Economy?

The FT recently ran an article that states that “leading central banks now own a fifth of their governments’ total debt.”

The figures are staggering.
Without any recession or crisis, major central banks are purchasing more than $200 billion a month in government and private debt, led by the ECB and the Bank of Japan.
The Federal Reserve owns more than 14% of the US total public debt.
The ECB and BOJ balance sheets exceed 35% and 70% of their GDP.
The Bank of Japan is now a top 10 shareholder in 90% of the Nikkei.
The ECB owns 9.2% of the European corporate bond market and more than 10% of the main European countries’ total sovereign debt.
The Bank of England owns between 25% and 30% of the UK’s sovereign debt.

A recent report by Nick Smith, an analyst at CLSA, warns of what he calls ”the nationalization of the secondary market.”



Anonymous said...


Right over the heads of all of this blog's readers.
No comments at all.
Nobody cares, i.e.. nobody UNDERSTANDS the real situation of Central Bank monetary madness which is presently enslaving all of us to a life of debt. The currencies are being systematically destroyed while the Bankers purchase all of the real assets in the world either by fiat or force.

Don't save in US Dollars.
Buy the things you need such as toilet paper, water, food, clothing, medicines, so on.
The US Dollars are being printed into oblivion and therefore, if you save US Dollars they will simply buy LESS of the things you need later in life.

Anonymous said...

So glad we have 11:07 to clear things up for us dumba$$es.
Stock up on the TP. Storms a'brewing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment.
It is a good addition to the story posted.
I don't know what is wrong with 830?
He blasts your comment, then at the end, takes your advice!


Anonymous said...

The condescending attitude certainly is not needed, 9:23 aka 11:07.