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Monday, August 28, 2017

Department of Health & Human Services Medicare Crackdown

On Fox News this morning, they reported the Department of Health and Human Services will begin cracking down on nursing homes who fail to report to police and Medicare when patients are subject to sexual and physical abuse in their care.  This comes after it was discovered by Federal Auditors found 134 cases across the US were discovered where Medicare was not notified of incidents in 2015-2016 Emergency Room records. In 38 cases, they also found no evidence of these incidents being reported reported to law enforcement.

Could Hartley Hall be in for more trouble from the Feds when they continued to house a known sexual predator after he assaulted a nurse and demonstrated overt sexual deviant behaviors?


Anonymous said...

Bet they're already being investigated after that hot mess. Would not surprise me at all.

Anonymous said...

8:07 AM
And what would you like them to do with him? Put him in the street? As long as they take the appropriate action there is no reason he can't stay there.

And that should be the focus of the issue. Protecting ALL the patients, including the mentally ill ones.

I see you have the ability to run your mouth but offer no viable solutions to the problem. Do you think Hartley Hall is the only facility that has had to deal with this issue?