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Monday, August 28, 2017

Big Top Circus in Salisbury Tuesday and Wednesday

A Real Circus under the Big Top is coming to Salisbury,MD. Tuesday & Wednesday, August 29 & 30th with one Spectacular performance each night at 6:00 pm at Winterplace Park 6737 Blue Ribbon Rd. 

Advance discounted tickets are available at our website $15 per adult Each paid adult can bring two kids free with the coupon in the comments section, The coupon is good for two kids ages 4–12 , kids 3 and under come in free and do not need a ticket, additional children $10 per child, No need to print, just save this picture to your phone and show it at the entrance


Anonymous said...

All for the circus, but can it take 30 mile an hour winds or may be more?

Anonymous said...

Any Elephants? I really liked to see those big guys doing tricks, shame B&B bowed to PC.

Anonymous said...

Did they get those tents just for Salisbury!?!

Anonymous said...

Oh the wcso Administration is the main attraction

Anonymous said...

Will April Jackson be there Fighting ?

Anonymous said...

You really want Rosie O'Donald, Oprah Winfrey, and Amy Shummer here under the big-top?

Anonymous said...

There are still circuses? I thought when B&B closed up shop that would be the last we saw of circuses. Now, these little side shows are going to pick up the slack? Terrible.

If they just want to have acrobats, clowns, midgets, and other things that involve HUMANS that is fine. But animals should stay in the wilderness, WHERE THEY BELONG. Even zoos should not keep wild animals caged up their entire lives.

If you want to expose children and others to wild animals and teach them about animals that is fine. Have a rotating schedule and release them after a period of time and introduce new wild animals to take their place.

Would any of you like to be caged up your entire life while others are gawking at you and throwing things at you? (even though some of you deserve such a thing)