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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Waterfowl Hunting Opportunities in Somerset County

Limited Number of Deal Island, Fairmount Wildlife Management Area Permits Issued by Lottery

Hunters can now submit applications for the annual permit-only waterfowl hunting days on Deal Island and Fairmount wildlife management areas, located in Somerset County on Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore.

Permits will be issued through a lottery drawing, with assignments based upon a hunter’s stated preference for each impoundment area and/or date. Applications must be received by Sept. 11.

Waterfowl hunting within the impoundment is by permit only on the opening days of each of the three separate splits of duck season. After that, hunting is restricted to certain days and/or holidays through the remainder of each split season.

“The impoundments at these areas are among the best known public spots for waterfowl hunting in the state,” Game Bird Program Leader Bill Harvey said. “Recent changes in water level management together with restrictions on motors have resulted in greatly improved waterfowl habitats at these specific locations.”

All hunters are reminded that motorized boats, except those powered by electric motors, are prohibited at the impoundments from October through March. The Maryland Department of Natural Resourcesestablished this strategy to limit the impact on habitat. Boat use and waterfowl hunting outside of these restricted impoundments remains open and unchanged.


Anonymous said...

never lived anywhere a state can sell off the right to hunt on public lands to the highest bidder. Thought public lands were just that....public!

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is any bidding involved. You just fill out an application and they are put in a box and somebody draws the winners. Just like the raffle at your local church or civic club.