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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Maryland Deputy Found Dead Hours After Drug Arrest

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A deputy was found dead as sheriff’s office employees came to give him his termination notice just hours after he was arrested on drug charges.

Vincent Jones was found dead at his home on Monday, after two Frederick County Sheriff’s Office representatives went there to serve an official termination notice.

They report hearing a loud noise from the second floor of the home, and Jones was found dead from a gunshot wound.

This comes after Jones was arrested early Monday morning on charges of distribution of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute, and possession of marijuana over 10 grams. He was then released on $10,000 bond.



Anonymous said...

Not to be counted as a marijuana related death, but as a death related to government marijuana policy.

Anonymous said...

Buh Bye criminal. I support the police, not criminals.

Anonymous said...

Very sad.
It is a plant created by God.
There is no manufacturing, altering, improving, nothing.
Just a plant that people dry and smoke.

Why on earth does this evil government do this to so-called free people?

Anonymous said...

Cause they want their cut

Anonymous said...

Even legalization methods call for a government cut of the profits. Licenses, taxes, limited suppliers and stores, if it were truly legalized, everyone would be able to grow all they want to smoke.

God makes this plant. It's a free thing to a free people.

Apparently, we're not it!