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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

A Viewer Writes: Setting the record straight

Joe, last week there was a post concerning the oldest recollection of news headlines one could remember. After reading stories in the "Times" by Ernest Cornbrooks and the other lesser bubbling fountains of worthless knowledge I felt compelled to set the story straight. I'm 67 and as God would have it, I have good mental faculty and it seems Cornbrooks and the other Democratic Liberals DON'T.
When I was a small boy we were poor and in 1955 didn't own a TV set. My Grandmother and the lady who was her friend did so we went over to her place and she would turn the TV on the keep me occupied while they chatted. I saw the day of the hearings when Joe McCarthy committed political suicide. McCarthy was bent on being the 'Political Hero' who flushed all of the rats (Communists) out of the D.C. Swamp. He failed, lost his seat, was ostracized by his constituency ultimately to die lonely and in an alcoholic blur, all because he carried his beliefs to extremes without proof or evidence. 

Later this was proved to be correct by several think tanks when they still had something to think with.
When I watch Chuck Schummer, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, and Rand Paul and the other D.C. clowns I'm insulted by the fact they 'THINK' ALL the people such as myself have forgotten this mark in history and are unable to put together the significance of McCarthys' actions in perspective to their own. They think we're SO stupid no one knows they're reciting and acting from McCarthys' playbooks. 

This was such as slam to the Dumbocrats and their regime that they've NEVER overed it. When I say they're all nuts I'm NOT being a wise guy yet exposing them to be unwise guys.They haven't grasped the concept their theology is covered with barnacles and have failed to evolve from the abyss of mental frailty. THAT'S why Hillary LOST the ELECTION. Not because of the Russians or anyone else. They are lost in the 50's with no hope to save themselves. What won't bend will break. Every day of life, they pull another rabbit out of McCarthys' hat!!🤔
I think with the Liberal Front controlling Congressional maneuvering there be a time when the giveaways are gone they'll have NO CHOICE but to follow the same trail, as dis-enfranchised stragglers that are just as befuddled as McCarthy. I wonder why Cornbrooks and the other political oracles haven't bothered to address the 'Problems in Organization' of their comrades; I would say they know nothing of the MODERN-DAY political scene but are lost in the dust of their predecessors that started with McCarthyism. If there's room, I'd like for them to know they haven't fooled many if any of the people like me that knows the real story. I was a kid then and a political empty-head but it seems time has made them trade places. 

Thanking you Most Gratefully I Remain, Bob Aswell Veteran and Friend.


Anonymous said...

You are spot on sir. McCarthy was right all along as we had been infiltrated by Communists in a big way...sounds similar today; Communists and the Muslim Brotherhood. We are still a nation in distress with a President who truly wants to expose and rid our nation of these evil, corrupt people. It's a daunting task as they are in our congress, fake media, military, and in high places in every agency. The swamp/sewer is so deep and wide. Prayers are needed daily as these evil players want our president 'dead'...

Anonymous said...

The Communists have always been the Illuminati Jews who created Central Banking and now control the creation of fiat currency and debt (alchemy). They financed Lenin from Wall Street. They financed Hitler from Wall Street. They created Hollywood from whole cloth and to this day control all media in the world. They are illuminati Jews - not regular people, not regular Jews. They murdered regular Jews during WWII to fulfill their ruthless agenda: create Israel.

Mr McCarthy did not fully understand WHO they were, and therefore could not really battle against them.
He was surrounded by them. They are wolves in sheep's clothing. Evil to the core.