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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Md. Leaders Continue Support For Sanctuary Cities, Fed. Funding In Question

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The White House has outlined a plan to withhold critical federal funding from any jurisdiction that refuses to assist in illegal immigration cases.

Some local leaders remain defiant.

The president has slammed cities and counties that pledge to shield illegal immigrants from Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. Now, the administration has a plan to penalize those jurisdictions.

As ICE agents arrest illegal immigrants around the country, a showdown has surfaced.

Some localities have defiantly refused to assist. Leaders say that’s the federal government’s job.

But now the Trump administration says it will cut off some federal funding for sanctuary cities and counties that refuse to help.



Anonymous said...

Cut off the funds and jail those people that make those stupid decisions.

Anonymous said...

722 if it were that simple it would already be done. The problem is we have an AG who is going after the Trump Administration using our tax dollars to do it. You need to get him out and then Maryland has a chance to fight against illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

Cut the funds ASAP and make Miller, Busch and the liberal Politians revise the budget they do not balance , required by law, so they have to cut their pet projects because I don't believe Marylanders will support higher taxes in less they live in the Baltimore / DC corridor.

Anonymous said...

Those same Maryland leaders promoting illegal aliens will soon find legal citizens will vote themselves out. Maryland legislatures are always on the side of history. Sick of it?