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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Navy ‘Unlikely’ To Change Ship Named After Confederate Victory

The U.S. Navy is unlikely to change the name of guided missile cruiser U.S.S. Chancellorsville, a Navy official told Navy Times Wednesday.

The ship is named to commemorate the 1863 Battle of Chancellorsville during the American civil war, where Confederate General Robert E. Lee trounced an opposing Union Army nearly double the size of his own force.

The official reasoned that the ship commemorates a battle where both Confederate and Union soldiers died and does not specifically venerate either side. An image celebrating the ship on its website however prominently features Lee and Confederate General Stonewall Jackson.



Anonymous said...

I continue to protest this Cvil War propaganda.
The CW was not about slavery.
It was about STATES' RIGHTS vs. an over-powering federal (northern) government.

It is still a viable topic for conversation and that is why the GLOBALISTS who control Washington DC must demonize the Civil War and the Southern States. They are using the slavery issue to accomplish this demonization. They want NOBODY to think about, or even consider, secession from the terrible Union of which we are presently all "enslaved" by a Federal Bureaucracy that dehumanizes all of us and turn us into debt slaves for the Federal Reserve Bank and the paper US Treasury Bonds it owns.

Anonymous said...

5:18 PM - Thank you!

"It was about STATES' RIGHTS vs. an over-powering federal (northern) government.". I'm glad somebody didn't drop out of school before they learned this. The Southern economy was agriculture that depended on cheap labor. You can't change economies over night by throwing a switch. Slavery was INCIDENTAL to the Civil war. It was about (forced) major economic changes.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Zulu!

Anonymous said...

The Navy says they wont change the name but they will just like they accepted women on ships, LGBTQ people in the service and who knows what else.The top brass are no different than a bunch politicians, as soon as some congressmen start getting heat from the radical left groups and start to think their re-election money will dry up believe me they will put a lot of heat on the brass about their funds drying up, they'll change the name.

bayman said...

Congress declared in the 1950's that Confederate soldiers were U.S. veterans.
"Congress passed an act of appropriations for $2,500 that enabled the “Secretary of War to have reburied in some suitable spot in the national cemetery at Arlington, Virginia, and to place proper headstones at their graves, the bodies of about 128 Confederate soldiers now buried in the National Soldiers Home near Washington, D.C., and the bodies of about 136 Confederate soldiers now buried in the national cemetery at Arlington, Virginia.”
"This act formally reaffirmed Confederate soldiers as military combatants with legal standing. It granted recognition to deceased Confederate soldiers commensurate with the status of deceased Union soldiers."