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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Islamist Ordered To Pay $3 Million For Destroying Historic Landmarks

Islamist militant Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi is liable for more than $3 million dollars in reparations for ordering the destruction of ancient landmarks in Timbuktu, Mail, the International Criminal Court (ICC) ruled Thursday.

Mahdi is the first Islamist to ever be tried by the ICC for war crimes related to the destruction of cultural heritage. He was sentenced to serve nine years in prison last September after pleading guilty to destroying historic shrines at a world heritage site in Mali in 2012.

The court, located in the Hague,said attacks on historic sites “destroy part of humanity’s shared memory and collective consciousness, and render humanity unable to transmit its values and knowledge to future generations.”



Anonymous said...

If destroying historic landmarks isn't against the law, IT OUGHTTA BE!

Anonymous said...

Is ANTIFA and Soros and the Democrats going to be fined?

Anonymous said...

Kinda like what's being allowed to happen here. Sad, very sad.