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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Charles Barkley: Worrying About ‘Stupid’ Confederate Statues a ‘Waste’ of Time

In light of the recent movement to remove Confederate statues, NBA legend Charles Barkley said worrying about “those stupid statues” was a “waste” of time.

Barkley said in his 54 years he has “never thought about those statues,” adding he would rather worry about bettering the black community.

“I’m not going to waste my time screaming at a neo-nazi who’s going to hate me no matter what,” Barkley told WBRC’s Rick Karle..

More here with video


Anonymous said...

A wise man.

Anonymous said...

Now that's one smart person if only the rest of America could only be so intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Makes very much sense regardless of who is blabbing it!

Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton is a bigoted idiot that is a disgrace to every human no matter what race they are. He is NOT an ordained minister, except in his own mind. He is a shit starter, but never a finisher. He owes millions in unpaid taxes. His racist was belongs in jail.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, mr. Barkley. I'm sure 99% of Americans never thought about it, either. Now, we are in a McCarthy style frenzied to rid our country of anything southern. All the while, ten blacks get shot in Chicago ever friggin day!
What's more important?
Again, the black community can NEVER point the finger toward themselves. It's always easier to blame someone else. Whites, government, Russians, etc.
No accountability whatsoever.
I'm guessing that a statue in Charlottesville, Annapolis or B-more has nothing to do with black on black crime.