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Saturday, August 19, 2017

MSP DUI Checkpoint 8-17-2017 (Berlin Barrack)

Police Conduct Sobriety Checkpoint 
-For Immediate Release- 

On August 17, 2017 at 10 pm, a sobriety checkpoint was conducted through a cooperative effort between the Maryland State Police Berlin Barrack, Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, Ocean City Police Department and the Berlin Police Department.

The “Checkpoint Strike force” sobriety checkpoint was conducted on W/B RT 50 at Hall Road, Worcester County, Maryland. The operation began on the above date and time. During the operation 565 vehicles were checked. Five vehicles were pulled to the side for suspected driving under the influence. One driver was arrested for DUI. The checkpoint was manned by Five Maryland State Troopers as well as two Worcester County Sheriff Deputies, two Berlin City Officers and one Ocean City Police Officer. Additionally, a saturation patrol utilizing 4 Maryland State Troopers and two sheriff’s deputy was conducted from 1AM to 3AM. This effort resulted in Two DUI arrests and Two arrested for possession of Heroin.  



Anonymous said...

Here's what I don't understand:
565 drivers were delayed for one arrest. (Some say the stop is borderline unconstitutional - 'probable cause's - but that's another subject.)
Why not just stake our a bar, have a spotter, and when the spotter sees someone obviously inebriated get behind the wheel, call a 'catch car' and have the person arrested?
It would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Anonymous said...

How is this legal.

Anonymous said...

are you totally naive they have been doing this for years especially if there's a grudge

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer dollars being wasted: ten LEO'S for two hours, plus briefing and debriefing, to inconvenience 560 motorists, harass 4 others, for a single DUI. Then there were six LEO'S for two hours, seemingly inconveniencing no one, harassing no one, for two DUOs and two heroin busts.

That's three officer days to inconvenience and harass law abiding citizens for one arrest, versus half the resources for four times the results. Sounds like lots of wasted manpower that could have been used to serve and protect rather than bother and harass.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I beg to differ. There was a Captain of the Marine Police found by an MSP trooper to be the operator of a motorcycle involved in an accident on Rt. 50 near the WaWa store. He was taken in custody, processed, and saw the Court Commissioner as any OTHER offender.
However,this was swept under the rug by Beau Oglesvy never to be heard of again.
The MSP needs to change the slogan,'drink and drive,you lose' to 'maybe you'll lose if you're NOT a COP'. What a bunch of beaurocratic crap that amounts to 'good ole boy politics'!!!

Anonymous said...

The 564 drivers that were not arrested will think twice next time and that is the point of these checkpoints.

Anonymous said...

Totally un-Constitutional search of our bodies and property.
Completely illegal under the "old US of A" Common Law.

We live in a tyrannical society.

lmclain said...

5:34... you can't be that deep into Fascism.

You actually think the police now have the authority to pull over INNOCENT citizens, exercising their right to travel freely and supposedly free from warrant-less searches and police interference, in order to teach them a lesson of some kind? THAT'S what we pay them to do to us?? I wonder if they robbed anyone of their grocery money (those damn drug dealers are VERY clever)??
Hundreds of people, doing nothing wrong (boy does that sound familiar), were FORCED TO STOP by armed men (would WOULD shoot to kill if you scared them, even if YOU thought you made an innocuous move).
Looks to me like the only thing "we, the people" are losing is our freedom.
And LOTS of money, too.
I don't want to be forced to prove my innocence of a crime (!) -- by a guy wearing a gun -- no matter where I'm at, or what I'm doing.
I'm pretty sure that detail is directly addressed by the Constitution.
But, there ARE cheerleaders who are more than willing to give up their freedom. Problem is, they want to give up MINE, too. And YOURS, too. That's going to be a problem, Liberace.

I know, I know. What Constitution???
Keep cheering.