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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Former Breitbart Employee Says Bannon Firing 'The Worst Nightmare' for Globalists

Investigative journalist and former Breitbart employee, Lee Stranahan, offered a quick quip on today's news that Bannon has resigned from the White House, suggesting that Steve would 'unleash the beast' through his online publication and call out those working against the Trump agenda in the White House.

Stranahan has been a long time loyalist to Bannon and ardent opponent to several people inside Trump's White House, namely McMaster, Powell and Cohn. The theory he's putting forth is that Bannon will have more power outside the White House than inside. While that might be true for Steve, I fail to see how fomenting more internal strife inside the Trump White House will be constructive at this point.
Dear @POTUS :

You have not yet figured out who your real enemies in the White House are. Best of luck without Bannon. 
Nevertheless, it's about to get real interesting soon.

Breitbart's top White House reporter


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Anonymous said...

It looks like I have to agree with this scenario. We all know how powerful the Presstitutes have been in trying to undermine the POTUS, so why not place Bannon in that category to play defense? There's no downside to this play, and Trump wins another fight on BOTH fronts!