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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Why this 4th of July is Special

By Thornton Crowe

A year ago today, we were living in a very dangerous time - almost ready to charge into the depths of the abyss for which there would be no return...

We have much to be thankful for this 4th of July as we look through the wayback machine to a year ago, when our country was in some dangerous peril -- the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Sure, there's some who thought that would be a brilliant idea but for many who lived (and remembered) the Clinton years in the Nineties, this was a horrific thought indeed. So needless to say, some of us were more than a bit trepidatious about what we would face come November 9th.

I guess one could say, we were saved by a Divine intervention we'll never fully be able to explain or understand - but whatever the case, we averted a most assured disaster: the charge towards full globalism. This collision course we were on was an insult to the very fiber of our country and everything she stands for. In fact, it spits in the face of every person who ever fought for this country -- on the battlefield, in the corporate/business world and even those crazy 1776 kids who in Philadelphia 241 years ago, signed that important document we celebrate today.

More assured, we will have moments of turmoil in spite of our victorious citizen rebellion. Every moment since the election has contained a mixture of fear and excitement - like a rollercoaster at Six Flags, but this is what life is really all about and what makes it so fascinatingly wonderful. It fills you with anticipation which propels you forward to new vistas where you never thought you'd ever go -- much like those great patriots embarked over two centuries ago.

Our President isn't perfect - one can even make a case that he's far from eloquent on most days. He's brazen, unyielding and sometimes downright belligerent with those who are generating fake news and other fodder. However, one thing we do know for a fact - he actually loves our country and seeks to preserve it in any way possible. You may not always love his tweets or the brash way he gets his message across - you can't help love the message behind the message. Like him or hate him: President Trump loves America - and this is undisputed fact.

There's a sincerity and enthusiasm within Donald Trump that we've not seen in a long time. To many whom don't remember Ronald Reagan, the sentiment throughout the country is one of hope (again.) We're now enjoying a resurgence of patriotism that's lasted more than just the week following 9/11.

We were lucky, my fellow Americans. Very lucky. So, even if you're not one for pray, it might not bad be a bad idea to take a moment of silent gratitude because we came much closer to the razor's edge than most probably realize.

In short, we avoided unadulterated lunacy re-entering our White House, bent on continuing her firesale of America (and us) at the expense of our property, liberty and freedom. For this alone, I am truly truly grateful -- even if it comes with all the spills, chills and flat out craziness proffered by the CNN/Liberal hoobastank.

Yes, we have much to be thankful for and our celebration is well deserved... so enjoy your 4th everyone and have a safe finish to this most excellent holiday.

Here's to another year making America great again; or should I say, rediscovering what made America great in the first place! And with that, I remain,

Sincerely your friend & fellow patriot,

PS: And to all those who said a year ago, "Impossible, Thornton, the fix is in... Trump will never win." My retort to you is simple: "Ye have little faith and I. Told. Ya. So!" -- TC


JoeAlbero said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

No matter how good or bad President Trump turns out to be, he greatest accomplishment will always be that he prevented Hillary Clinton from becoming president.

Anonymous said...

Thornton, I think your article is spot on. I do believe in divine intervention, I have witnessed it firsthand. I guess I would be considered an old fart but I am so patriotic I teared up when our congregation sang God Bless America at Mass this last Sunday. I served proudly in the Navy and two brothers also served. I agree with your assessment of our President but thank God he is fiercely loyal and is trying to move his agenda. I am a staunch conservative and agree America was headed for destruction under the democratic leadership. The thing most startling to me is a recent statistic that claims 36% of millennials are not patriotic. Thank you for your article.

Thornton Crowe said...

Thank you ANON 8:28AM and to all those who have served in our military for making our freedoms possible to enjoy today! Without you and your fellow patriots, we would not be in the land of Free; home of the Brave. Much gratitude to you. Thank you for your kind comment.

-- Thornton

Anonymous said...

I admit I was one who said, He will never win.

I believed the elite would have their way with another pawn of globalism in Ms. Clinton.
I did not believe the Clinton's good long time friend and NBC actor, Mr. Trump would be allowed to win.
He didn't act or seem like a POTUS in any shape or form.
He seemed to be more of a "fall guy" - the person who would merely pretend to run against his friend, and who would lose on purpose.

Boy was I wrong!

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I knew that "I told you so" was coming. Just wondering when. Good timing Crowe. LOL

Anonymous said...

"Our President isn't perfect - one can even make a case that he's far from eloquent on most days. He's brazen, unyielding and sometimes downright belligerent with those who are generating fake news and other fodder"

And that is why we love him and elected him.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant article, as are all of yours. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great Read ! Thank you Thornton !!!

Anonymous said...

I love your passive aggressive sarcasm.
It flew at 1,000 feet above almost everyone's head.
I guess I am so high right now that I caught it by the tail and digested it immediately.
Thank you my friend for the stinging comment.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't thought of Hillary as an abyss before, but it suits her.