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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Illegal Alien Allegedly Tazes, Scalds, Rapes Mom in Front of Children

An illegal alien is one of three teenagers who are accused of scalding a Georgia woman with hot water and raping her in her home near her children.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials confirmed in a statement to the Dustin Inman Society, an anti-illegal immigration organization, that Josue Ramirez is an illegal alien.

Ramirez, 19-years-old, along with 17-year-old Francisco Palencia and an unidentified 15-year-old girl have been arrested after they allegedly broke into a woman’s home and raped her, as FOX 5 Atlanta reported.

According to the victim, Ramirez and Palencia broke into her home and shot her with Tasers, forcing her to her bedroom. When the woman fought the two teens off of her, she ran to be with her children, who were also in the home.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Molly !

Anonymous said...

And born here American's fight President Donald J. Trump to support and defend this low life scum. Respect illegal criminal's over their president. Very hard to believe and digest.

Anonymous said...

If our Laws of the land do not get
Stronger punishment and get the illegals
out of here----we will be taken over
by these criminals.

I can't say what I'd have done with
these inhuman beings!

Anonymous said...

After all that happened to her, she ran to protect her children. Mothers are selfless.

Anonymous said...

I must have missed this story on CNN and MSNBC...and ABC... and NBC.....and CBS.....

Anonymous said...

They should hang all three of them