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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Missing Dog 7-3-17 UPDATE

He has been missing since 9:30 pm last night off of Tilghman Drive, off of Old Ocean City by the Karate Barn. We are worried sick that the worst could of happened. If anyone has ANY info please call 410-251-6178. Please help us find him.


Anonymous said...

His name is Hyde. He is a very friendly dog. He is 2 and half years old and weighs about 70lbs. PLEASE help us find our beloved Chessie!

Anonymous said...

Tilghman rd is where food lion is, this dog was lost on Walston Switch. Also the date says the is the 3rd

sby16grl said...

@ 1:56 pm- it's actually Tilghman Dr. which is a dirt road right past the intersection of Old Ocean City & Walston Switch (where Karate Barn is).

Mr. Albero, please update this post. It is Drive, not Road (runs next to K-Mart).

Anonymous said...

You do great work with these missing kids and dogs Joe. I hope you'll stop there and take a pass on the missing husbands. I need a little more 'me time'!