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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

The Danger of Obedience: Fake Police Crime Spree

The police do not care about keeping you safe. If they did, they wouldn’t put innocent people in danger every day by driving unmarked cars, behaving unprofessionally, and performing no-knock raids. All these things make it quite easy to impersonate an officer in order to commit a crime.

People know their lives are literally in jeopardy if they disobey even the most minor order from a police officer. Innocent people are no exception, and simply questioning an officer, or asserting one’s rights has gotten people beaten, arrested, and even killed.

Because of this environment created by an overbearing oppressive police state, a perfect opportunity has opened up for criminals to easily exploit their victim’s fear of police. Criminals simply need to pose as police, and any resistance on the part of their victims melts away.

Posing as Cops to Commit Crimes

It’s not just for big heists like in the movie The Town that criminals dress as police to commit crimes. It actually happens terrifyingly often.

The practice is so common in Miami-Dade that the police have a special task force to investigate instances of criminals impersonating officers. A family in Miami-Dade earlier this year suffered a home invasion after they opened their door to three men in police uniforms.

Last year in Tampa a 28-year old woman was pulled over by a fake officer and raped.



Anonymous said...

this is an incredible article.

Anonymous said...

A agree. I know how bad policing has gotten but this effect hadn't even crossed my mind. Thanks Joe.

Unknown said...

it is not about safety. it is about money, power, control, and greed. If they wanted to protect anyone they would not HIDE behind bushes, billboards, and concrete. It is about catching people unawares and relieving them of their money.

Police are under no obligation to protect any individual. They are however obligated to protect PROPERTY, or so says the USSC. Look it up if you like.

I'm not saying they are totally worthless, unneeded, or anything like that. They do provide valuable services from time to time. But they are selective in their use of resources.

And they will always have their detractors and critics.

Anonymous said...

And then you have Fruitland cops that seem to only care about someone driving faster than 25 MPH so they can get more revenue for the city.

Anonymous said...

For the 100th time, in the State of Maryland, if a living, breathing police officer gives you a speeding ticket, the fine money goes to state coffers. If you get a ticket from a speed camera, then that fine money goes to the local jusrisdiction, minus a cut for the camera company.

Anonymous said...

For the millionth time, Fruitland (or any town in Maryland) does not get ANY revenue from a traffic citation. Stop. Speeding...

Anonymous said...

To amend my previous comment, except for speed cameras. I believe they do get a portion of those...