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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Phoenix Drops Sanctuary City Status And Crime Rate DROPS Instantly

It’s a proven fact regardless of what propaganda that you read out there, that sanctuary cities have more crime… because they house and protect criminals. When Phoenix dropped their sanctuary policy back in 2008, crime dropped by 25 percent. It went to a 20-year low. William Lajeunesse of Fox News is reporting that data from reveals that from 2008 to 2009, the murder rate in Phoenix dropped by 27 percent. Other crimes dropped as well. Auto thefts were down by 36 percent, robberies by 23 percent, thefts by 19 percent, burglaries by 14 percent and assault by 13 percent. Those numbers don’t lie and they are compelling. The rates fell again in 2010, but not by near as much.

This is at odds with police chiefs in liberal cities around the country claiming that penalizing sanctuary cities will cause crime to go up and even instigate terrorist attacks. They claim that sanctuary cities are safer than cities that turn criminal illegal aliens over to ICE. That’s just not so and simple logic would indicate as much. “Police chiefs across the nation believe that enlisting local police to enforce immigration law is a bad idea,” California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon (D) told reporters during a recent press conference, “Having [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] pluck criminals out of jail and send them across the border or wherever they came only to come right back endangers our communities.”



Anonymous said...

Well, duh!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. If you let fewer criminals into your city, you'll have less crime? Wow. Who'd have thought!

Anonymous said...

I have never understood the concept of a sanctuary city. What is the benefit or upside? Why would local law enforcement in these "cities" work against the federal government who is there to rid the place of unwanted illegal criminals? Again, this is a liberal mind set that pure and simple just does not make sense. There is the problem; liberals.

Anonymous said...

It's all emotion driven.