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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Missouri Reverses St. Louis Minimum-Wage Hike

A week ago, we reported on a study from the University of Washington that exposed how the city of Seattle’s progressive minimum wage increases, which began in 2015, are – contrary to the hopes of so many liberals – actually crushing the city’s poor.

Specifically, the study found that higher minimum wages caused a 9.4% reduction to total hours worked by low-skilled workers, or roughly 14 million hours per year. Given that a full-time employee works 2,080 hours per year, that's equivalent to just over 6,700 full-time equivalents who have lost their jobs, just in the city of Seattle.

While the higher minimum wage law remains intact in liberal Washington State - despite the research suggesting that it’s harming Seattle's most vulnerable workers - the Missouri legislature recently acted to prevent a similar catastrophe from playing out in St. Louis by passing what’s known as a preemption law to invalidate a city-approved minimum wage hike that was slated to take effect in late August. The hike would’ve raised the city’s minimum wage to $10 an hour, from the state-approved $7.70.



Anonymous said...

Liberals, you have to think these things through BEFORE you enact them. Yes, we know they look really good before elections and might get you elected, but you've created more of a problem than originally existed.

Anonymous said...

914 liberals do not think they react. Liberals are brainless useful idiots. They support the globalist demonic agenda. When you look at it from that perspective you understand that they are truly lost deceived and totally incompetent

Anonymous said...

For libtards its all about the votes and never about the people. For the people that vote for the Democrats its like dangling a carrot from a stick.

Anonymous said...

Too late, the kool aid vat is empty! Try to plan it out first next time prior to implementation - idiots!