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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Texas city official 'killed dad and son while high'

A Texas city official has been charged with intoxication manslaughter after admitting that she smoked marijuana before mowing down a father and son, according to authorities.

Dee Ann Haney, 54, was arrested early Monday morning after the deadly accident that took the lives of Van Duoc Le, 59, and his son, 33-year-old Phue Hong Le.

According to law enforcement officials, the two men were standing on the right shoulder of northbound Interstate 45 near the Galveston Causeway just before 1am, trying to secure Plaxiglas in the bed of their black Toyota Tacoma, when Haney rammed them with her white Ford F-150.



Anonymous said...

Let's see the tox screen results before we believe this.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, she killed people. It's still dead, and sill guilty. Soooooo?

Oh, I was on the phone, so I'm not guilty?

Anonymous said...

810 agreed. Sad part is this happens all the time due to alcohol

Anonymous said...

Agreed 8:10

Anonymous said...

What good is installing a breathalyzer in her car. I didn't know they detect marijuana

Anonymous said...

Callin BS on this.

Anonymous said...

It's more likely she was drunk in addition to having smoked marijuana.

Anonymous said...

"...underwent multiple field sobriety tests, which led troopers to conclude that she was intoxicated..."

That would be alcohol. The field test can not detect marijuana.

"...Haney is required to install a Breathalyzer in her vehicle and must stay away from establishments that primarily serve alcohol."

Yeah, let's blame the weed but deter the alcohol use.

Driving under the influence of any intoxicating substance is not a good idea. Neither is using your cell phone or trying to put on make-up while controlling a motor vehicle.

Selective outrage is not helpful.