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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Bill Clinton’s childhood friend: Hillary already running for 2020

Dolly Kyle on legacy of twice-failed Dem candidate

Her rise to power was once seen as inevitable, her victory in the run for the presidency a foregone conclusion.

Yet today, Hillary Clinton is nothing but a source of anger, embarrassment and frustration for many Democrats who blame the former first lady for wasting enormous sums of money on an incompetent 2016 presidential campaign.

It was, after all, the second time she’s tried and come up short.

Yet to hear her, it was not her fault; it was sexism, the Russians and even the Democratic Party’s national leadership.

One observer who has closely followed her scandal-plagued career over decades, a childhood friend and former romantic partner of former President Bill Clinton, says there is no chance Hillary Clinton will ever accept responsibility for her failures, nor will she ever gracefully fade away from the media spotlight.

“Are you kidding me?” Dolly Kyle responded when asked if Hillary Clinton is planning on running for president again. “Hillary’s already running for president in 2020!



Anonymous said...

Maybe we will all get lucky and read her obituary tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Or her indictment paperwork where she's being prosecuted.

Alex said...

1:09 stay classy my friend, stay classy

Anonymous said...

Oh please let her be the democratic nominee again. Please!!!

Anonymous said...

TRUE NEWS! OH SO TRUE!!!! (as I spit up my coffee laughing!)


Hildabeast (early/mid 70's) vs TRUMP (75) vs Biden (79)

That potential Ess-show could be entertainment worthy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe she can ask nasty pelosi or max waters to be her running mate. What a circus that would be!

Steve said...

I'm with 3:20 and all the others! Nothing better to guarantee a Trump 2 term!

Anonymous said...

Look, she's not too far from winning. She starts with CA and NY, and I think VA is lost to the GOP forever - that is a long way along. She blew it by not visiting PA, WI, and MI. If she works harder there, then it really becomes an interesting race. I think she could come back and win in 2020.

The real key is that she may not have the energy to actually travel in 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully by 2020 she won't be able to vote for herself. I think convicts are barred from voting, not certain.

Anonymous said...

She needs and Bill to sit down shut up and never be heard of or interviewed ever again. They need to ask themselves how would they have felt if when he was in office he had been treated this bad, what he did with his affair was not made as big as Dems want to hold on to disrespect and hatred for Trump. This people should not even be Americans.