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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

This Is What A Hunger-Games-Society Looks Like

The burned out shells of vacant buildings and crumbling infrastructure, the mobs of dispossessed youth wandering the streets, the constant violence and threats of violence set against a soundtrack of car alarms, bumping car stereos, and the distant hum of an electric transformer buzzing like a swarm of electric flies feasting on the carcass of a once thriving city-at a cursory glance these places seem ungovernable, or at the very least ungoverned.

But here lies the ultimate irony: the citizens residing in these districts are possibly the most intensely governed people in the country. From birth until death, they are shuffled through an almost constant stream of government institutions: government housing, public schools, welfare, the penal system-the list is almost endless.



Anonymous said...

They know nothing but government interference (sold as assistance) since before birth, and are essentially slaves all their lives, but slaves without purpose.

Anonymous said...

Slaves without purpose. Well put, Anonymous.

If great swaths of Baltimore's people are slaves to the government, the government can at least expect some effort from them other than a further drain on its resources.

Anonymous said...

6:57 there is purpose. They CONSUME! Its what keeps America going. Corporations dont survive without consumption, government funded or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Now you know why DeRay is "Head of HUMAN CAPITAL" for Balto City skools!

Anonymous said...

All headed and run by Democrats!!!!