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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Kobach: Why States Need to Assist the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity

Last Thursday, the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity officially asked each state’s chief election official for a copy of their state’s publicly-available voter information, in order to better investigate voter fraud across the nation.

I’m the Vice Chair of that Commission, and the letter went out under my signature.

Immediately thereafter, several prominent Democrats declared that they would not comply with this request. California Secretary of State Alex Padilla stated, “California’s participation would only serve to legitimize the false and already debunked claims of massive voter fraud made by the President, the Vice President, and Mr. Kobach.”

Similarly, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe fumed, “I have no intention of honoring this request. Virginia conducts fair, honest, and democratic elections, and there is no evidence of significant voter fraud in Virginia.”

Governor McAuliffe’s declaration was particularly amusing, because only three days earlier In Virginia, a college student had been convicted of fraudulently registering 18 dead people. Evidently, there’s plenty of voter fraud in Virginia. Apparently, McAuliffe is ignorant of what’s going on in his own state.

The hyperventilating on the Left about this request is particularly strange since the Commission only requested information that is already publicly available..

Although private information like the last four numbers of a voter’s social security number is sometimes included in a state’s voter database, that information is usually not publicly available. The Commission didn’t request that information. Thus, there is no threat that the Commission’s work might compromise anyone’s privacy.

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Anonymous said...

An admirable goal. Nonetheless, our govt does not have a very good track record of being able to keep the information secret. In fact, giving the govt my private information would be the same as publishing it on Joe;s Blog...

Anonymous said...

States need to maintain their independence and autonomy from a massive Federal Government.

Anonymous said...

VERY well put, 11:42! And as much as I agree with 1:02, the only way to find and purge outdated records, such as mine in 4 other states, is for the states to compare notes with each other and with all others, hence the formation of the Commission.

After all, have any of you out there who have lived and voted in another state ever called back to your past state of residence and "Unregistered" to vote?

Anonymous said...

1:34. Agreed. Many of us have moved from state to state and never "unregistered". But we certainly didn't travel back to those states to vote. It might explain some of why voter turnout numbers always seem low.

Anonymous said...

These states are resisting its citizens the right to open and honest elections. It is the officials in elected office doing this. Will these citizens make any effort to removed these officials during the next election?

Anonymous said...

This commission was formed to verify Trump's ridiculous assertion that "3 to 5 million" people voted illegally. That is half of the total undocumented population. It's real purpose is to suppress the vote further or to hand the information to Putin.

Kobach, as a secretary of state, should know that none of his counterparts in other states is going to admit that he or she certified fraudulent election results, nor will they participate in an investigation that may lead to that.

It is also illegal in many states. Looks like Kobach and his fellow commissioners did not do their homework.

Anonymous said...

3:48 "hand the information to Putin". Are you for real?? For the love of God will you stop watching CNN and educate yourself if you are going to comment. 🙄