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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Mounted Patrol Officer Rescue Training

Video of the New Castle County Police Department Mounted Patrol Unit practicing officer rescue techniques. The horses can disperse a crowd using their size and power, surround the people and/or vehicles in danger and escort them to safer locations. It may look like the "rioters" just get out of the way but when that's about 11,000 pounds of horse coming at you, you really do want to move! (Yes each horse weights 1800-2000 pounds!) Thanks to the NCCPD academy class for taking part in the training.


Anonymous said...

After watching the video last week and again today, I have the same question. What do they do if the people don't just "turn and run away?" The video shows "best case scenario." Show us a video of how the horses "handle the situation" and how "effective" they are if the people refuse to throw up their hands and run away. This is a training exercise and the department (i.e. "actors") knew the horses were coming and, as part of the training video, they peacefully surrendered and ran away. That is not "real world." The horses would be ineffective if the people refused to surrender and started attacking the horses. How about the department show that! Show us "real world" worse case scenarios instead of "perfectly contained and controlled environments."

Anonymous said...

2:30 pm, next time you see one of these mounted police, call me. I want to be recording you on my phone when you walk up and punch the horse in the nose. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!