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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Baltimore Woman Sentenced in Tax Fraud Scheme

BALTIMORE, Md. – Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh and Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot announced today that Anne Arundel County Circuit Judge Michele Jaklitsch sentenced Rochelle Cunningham, 46, of Baltimore City to five years’ probation before judgment and ordered $77,983.06 in restitution. Cunningham previously pleaded guilty to one count of felony theft scheme having a value of more than $500.

Between January 2005 and April 2009, Cunningham was part of a scheme that involved the filing of fraudulent Maryland individual tax returns using stolen identities. During that time period, $77,983.06 in stolen tax refunds flowed through bank accounts Cunningham controlled. Among other things, Cunningham used the stolen tax refund money to pay for personal expenses, including clothes, food, car payments, phone payments and life insurance payments.

Attorney General Frosh and Comptroller Franchot commended the investigative efforts of the Comptroller’s Field Enforcement and Revenue Administration Divisions. The case was prosecuted by the Fraud and Corruption Unit of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office.


Anonymous said...

How is this punishment? She didnt even get a fine on top of the amount of money she stole. This isnt justice and it encourages others to commit fraud knowing there isnt any reprecussion.How about jail time.If we loose our homes and all belongings over taxes, criminals should at the very least do significant jail time in cases like this. What a joke.All she has to do is pay back what she retitution to the families or community! This justice system works against the innocent and all for the criminal.After all we have learned about the democrat corruption and lack of real investigations by doj, this outcome doesnt surprise me or the pat on the back by those that prosecuted whom actually think they did justice. Where are the moral and ethical men of yesteryears. I miss those protectors.

Anonymous said...

Just allows people to weigh the risks of ripping off people vs jail time.