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Monday, June 12, 2017

VIDEO: Auntie Maxine flees citizen journalist asking about HER financial ties to Russia

Even a citizen journalist holding a microphone taped to a wooden spoon was too scary for Maxine Waters because the single question he asked exposed her hypocrisy.

Fleccas, who regularly interviews leftists during protests in the Los Angeles area, caught up with Waters recently and brought up the subject of Russia.

But he turned the tables and asked her about her retirement investments in the country.

“We’re here protesting the ties to Russia,” Fleccas explained while standing next to Waters.

Then he sprung the trap.

“Maxine, what about your retirement fund ties to Russia — $200,000?” he asked.

“That’s a lie,” she replied and stormed off.

Is it?


Anonymous said...

In all honesty, Maxine is probably too dumb to recognize her duplicity.

Anonymous said...

Oh Maxine, what tangled webs we weave.

Anonymous said...

Why isnt she being investigated by the DOJ ?.