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Monday, June 12, 2017

Tennessee Prison Hosts Program to Help Inmates Become Better Fathers

A Tennessee prison program designed to help inmates become better fathers graduated nearly 40 inmates Friday.

The selected inmates graduated from the Malachi Dads program at the Morgan County Correctional Complex, which teaches inmates decision-making skills and fosters personal growth so inmates can become better fathers, WBIR reported.

“I picked the streets before my family, and this program has shown me that God is first, then my family second,” inmate Darryl Wiseman said.

For the past year, Wiseman has been taking classes facilitated by volunteer mentors of the program.

The program culminates Saturday with the Returning Hearts Celebration, where the fathers reunite with their families in the prison yard and participate in carnival-like activities with them.

“I think I’m going to cry real hard first,” Wiseman said ahead of Saturday’s celebration. “I’m going to be nervous to see them because I want them to see a new side of me. They’re going to be able to see that I have that glow, that I have that light and that I’m walking for Him now, for Jesus. They’re going to see the gentler side of me.”

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Anonymous said...

It is ? Puppet masters they Want Brains, prison. No ! We will not Be your puppet Inmates !!

Anonymous said...

How stupid can this be. How can you be a better father from prison?

Anonymous said...

4:30 I think it's meant to go ahead and break the cycle that got you into prison.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it have been a better idea to teach them how to be better fathers before they actually became fathers? You know all that money we spend on the public education system in this country.

Anonymous said...


Oh yea, in addition to science and math, now I should teach fatherhood.

Great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

6:27 What kind of stupid comment is that? Are you really that sensitive of a person? If you really are in the teaching profession maybe you should consider changing careers. We teach sex educations classes among other things. Why not teach proper parenting? Obviously they aren't learning anything from their parents. Besides that the group of people that need classes in fathering sure as heck don't need to worry about science and math because they aren't ever going to use those two classes in their daily life.

Conservative Teacher said...

Again, you all gripe that the government should stay out of our lives, yet here you are, promoting teachers having to teach fatherhood. Are you that nuts???

Conservative Teacher said...

Oh, it's clear you don't use science or math in your life. But most sucessful, well paying (educated) people do!

Anonymous said...

8:54 I gripe about the government in our lives but since they are already in my knickers and over half of my property tax goes to fund schools then they might as well teach something useful to the lower mental groups instead of wasting time teaching science and math that they can't or won't understand. As I said before we already teach sex education, we might as well teach parenting skill while they are at it. Or are you to dense to make that connection.

8:56 I took a full academic load while in high school and had the necessary credits to graduate by the 11th grade. I then majored in electrical engineering in college. So trust me I have used plenty of science and math. You obviously should have studied a little harder because you certainly lack reading comprehension.

FYI I retired at age 55, what about you.