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Monday, June 12, 2017

Trump slogans photoshopped out of high school yearbook

Fake photos!

Parents at a New Jersey high school are outraged that their kids’ yearbook photos were Photoshopped to remove pro-Trump slogans on their clothing.

One student at Wall HS had the “TRUMP Make America Great Again” motto deleted from his T-shirt, while a junior classmate had his fleece “Trump” vest sanitized. A third student, the freshman class president, was stunned to see that her selected quote — a Trump utterance — never made it to print.

“I want all the yearbooks reissued. Everybody gets a brand-new yearbook,” fumed Joseph Berardo, whose 17-year-old son, Grant, donned the Trump T-shirt on picture day last fall.

“And I want a letter from the administration explaining why the yearbooks are being reissued, and it should be used as a teaching moment related to the First Amendment in civil discourse,” the father added.



Anonymous said...

Why do They Feel they Can do this ? Why ? It's like the Statues, wash wash no no ! Like never exist Trump is theone5 upwith yes !

Anonymous said...

Teachers union wanted Hillary to win, so the sore losers can't stand to look at the winners. What a shame they have no spine...

Anonymous said...

I think without a doubt, people
think THEY can do anything they
want & it's OK.

I hope to Hell, they make the ones'
who did this pay out of pocket for
republishing the year books!!!!!!!!!!

Conservative Teacher said...


Obviously, your comprehension needs work.

If you'd actually read the article, the school's DID use the Trump picture for school ID.

The yearbook company did this. You do realize how you sound, right?

Anonymous said...

Actually 8:52 no where in the article does it say the yearbook company did it. As a matter of fact a teacher from the school was fired today because of the yearbook.

Anonymous said...

Your a typical bully teacher. I am the product of a public school system. YOU FAILED us a long time ago. Now you CYBER BULLY and make fun of a person who can't read or write good.sick.

Anonymous said...

I would sue and make everyone involved pay for a new printing and issue a new one and demand the return of the old ones.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely wrong. Violation of free speech and I guarantee if this had happened to a liberal the ACLU would be all over it. In fact, where is the ACLU in this matter?