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Friday, June 30, 2017

Van Jones Said What?

By Thornton Crowe

They say when people aren't aware they're on camera, they're more out to show their true thoughts and nature... CNN people prove this sentiment time and again in James O'Keefe's expose call CNN the American Pravda.

Van Jones, the CNN commentator has admitted on camera to Project Veritas producer the whole Russian story is a Nothing Burger. While the clip is brief, it says everything most Americans have suspected for well over two months. Yet, the failing network has continued to push the false narrative because they can't find anything else against Trump. Nothing real.

Early today, I listed a list of the President's achievements in his short time at the White House. When you look at them, they provide an illustration of just why folks like CNN are purposefully ignoring truth to forward this Punch & Judy Show fakery.

The subterfuge is being stripped away from their glossy veneer once and for all, so viewers can finally see what 'Russians' really hacked the election. In short, those who patronize CNN are just getting fake news.

Why spend your valuable time being lied to by a news network?


Anonymous said...

He then comes out with an article saying he stopped in the middle of his sentence because some of his co-workers came by....

Anonymous said...

He should be arrested