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Friday, June 30, 2017

Owner of seafood market boiling mad about lobster picture

OLD SAYBROOK, Conn. (WTNH) — The lobster tanks at Atlantic Seafood are packed for the holiday weekend. They do a lot of special orders there, but what happened to one special order recently has the owner boiling.

“That’s not part of their jobs, it’s not what we pay for, it’s not how we feel protected,” said owner Lisa Feinman.

She was furious when she saw a picture taken by a TSA agent at Logan Airport. The agent is smiling while he holds a 15-pound lobster by its claws.

She had carefully packed the 15-pounder along with a dozen other smaller lobsters on top of it.

“We put paper with saltwater on them just to kind of keep them wet keep them moist,” said Feinman.

Her customer, who was bringing the lobsters to Georgia, checked the duct-taped cooler of crustaceans which just made the fifty pound weight limit.

“It was written on it fragile live lobsters,” said Feinman.



Anonymous said...

TSA apologizes after posting picture with 15-pound lobster from Old Saybrook

Anonymous said...

What's the point of having a lowly gummint job if you can't have some fun at someone else's expense?

Anonymous said...

TSA is unaccountable to anyone. TSA employees are the dredge that private employers won't hire.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you took my comment

lmclain said...

They do those things because there is NOTHING you can do about it.
Don't dare complain.
And I mean that.
You'll be taken away like a criminal in front of everyone. Searched. Maybe strip searched. Questioned like you are a secret terrorist.
And, probably miss your flight, which is one of the ways they like to "teach you a lesson".
Keep cheering.