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Friday, June 30, 2017

Claire McCaskill Used Undisclosed Foundation to Pay for Dinner at Russian Ambassador’s House

Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill (Mo.) used a personal foundation to pay for a dinner she attended at Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak's Washington, D.C., residence. The senator had failed to disclose her role in the foundation until earlier this month.

McCaskill came under fire this March after she told the Washington Post she never had a "call or meeting" with Kislyak even though she had publicly announced both a call and meeting with him. This week, CNN reported that McCaskill also attended a black-tie reception at Kislyak's D.C. residence in November 2015.

McCaskill's attendance at the dinner was accompanied by an $873 payment to the American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation, where Kislyak serves on the board of directors as honorary chairman.

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Anonymous said...

Is there anyone in the swamp who does NOT have a foundation for their slush fund?

Anonymous said...

These people are rich why don't they just pay for things. I just don't understand

Anonymous said...

Where's the big investigation of collusion with the Russians?